About Viqon

Victor Bierbooms is the driving force behind Viqon Water Solutions. He obtained his degree in Aquaculture at the Wageningen University (WUR).

After his study he was employed at The Van Rijsingen Group. For more than a decade he has been responsible for the development and engineering of professional recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS) for catfish, eels and tilapia. An intensive cooperation with the fish farmers resulted in a sustainable aquaculture concept. This concept is characterised by optimal fish well-being, minimum environmental impact, low costprice and economical engineering.

July 2010 Viqon Water Solutions was established. First assignments were salmon projects in Canada and Norway. After this several industrial water treatment project followed for the semi conductor and vegetable processing industry. In 2012 VIQON was involved in a manure treatment project for livestock farming. Currently Viqon is most active in integrating it's unique denitrification system in existing fish and shrimp farms.