Low head oxygenation (LHO)

One of the most efficient techniques to oxygenate water. The water flows through a perforated plate, and is devided over several chambers in whoch oxygenation takes place. The oxygen saturation range is 150-200%.

- capacity 200-300 m3/hour
- simply robuste device
- low energy consumption

Technique for oxygenation in aquaculture
NEW: Membrane flow filtration
New technique that uses adsorption forces to separate water purifying bacteria from cleaned water without the use of polymers. The technique uses membrane modules. The modules are placed under a specific angle in order to transport the bacteria down from the membrane. The cleaned effluent can be treated by a polishing treatment depending on the application. The modules can be taken out for inspection. The membranes are periodically cleaned with spraying water to prevent biofouling.

- capacity 5-20 m3/hour
- simple device with easyt maintenance
- low energy consumption
- 70% less polymer costs compared to conventional technique

- biological water treatment
- denitrification systems for aquaculture
- sludge dewatering
- reduce polymer cost up to 70% on DAF systems